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Ditch the glitter and glue, and make creations with your food instead! These Christmas Food Crafts for Kids are a great way to let your kids express their creativity and prepare some healthy snacks and special treats at the same time. Even better, they’re all made with healthy ingredients like fresh fruits, veggies, and more. They’re cute enough to serve at a Christmas party or for a special holiday snack any time!

A collage of eight Christmas food crafts for kids.

Edible Christmas Crafts for Kids

These holiday food crafts for kids are so much fun! They are just as exciting as regular holiday crafts but possibly even better since they’re all entirely edible. Unlike other edible kids’ crafts, they’re not going to cause a huge spike in their blood sugar either. These activities rely on simple, real food ingredients to make sure your little one is getting all the nutrients they need. 

These edible crafts are such a nice change of pace from the sugar-laden treats and desserts. Although moderation is always important, especially during the holiday season, it’s so easy to overdo it! Kids don’t always handle the sugar highs and lows very well. They’re bouncing off the walls one second, then screaming or crying the next. 

These easy edible Christmas crafts are all full of fiber, protein, and healthy fats to fill them up. When they start with nutrient-dense food in their stomachs, the little sweet treats here and there won’t have nearly as much of an effect. These are also such a fun way to encourage healthier choices. I hope your kids will love them just as much as mine do!

Why We Love These Christmas Food Activities

  • Easy to make: Each of these delicious edible Christmas crafts was formulated to be quite simple, even for younger children. Some of them are as simple as drawing a face onto a container, but others have multiple steps and ingredients. It’s like fun, edible Christmas art!
  • Healthy options: Many of the Christmas-themed snacks out there are loaded with sugar. There are no candy canes, mini marshmallows, or Oreos here! Instead, you’ll find lots of fresh fruits, veggies, whole grains, and more for a healthier selection. They’re such a nice alternative and a great way to get your kids to eat some extra fruit on Christmas morning.
  • Learn new skills: When your kids get involved in the kitchen, they start to develop an understanding of where food comes from. It can be really powerful to know how to make your own healthy snack or sandwich! Who knows? Maybe they’ll want to start making their own snacks going forward! 
  • Develop fine motor skills: Those little hands are changing so much! Your kids need lots of opportunities to bend, fold, pinch, and squeeze items with their hands to develop fine motor skills. Although really young kids might need a little help adding chocolate chips to a snowman’s face, most of the items are the perfect size for younger children. Older children can help their younger siblings, too. This is a great way to spend a little quality time together as a family!

Christmas Food Crafts for Kids

Ready to get started? Here are 28 of my favorite edible Christmas craft ideas to make with the kids. From adorable strawberry Santas to toast Christmas trees, you’ll find plenty of edible DIY projects to choose from.

Turn it into an experience! Gather the whole family, put on some Christmas movies, wear some fluffy Santa hats, and make some memories! 

Avocado Christmas Trees

These mini Christmas trees are one of my favorite seasonal snacks! They start with a base of pita, which is topped with mashed avocado for some healthy fats. The little veggie ornaments are just too cute! 

A birds-eye view of 6 avocado Christmas trees on a round, circular plate.

Kiwi Wreaths

This is one of the easiest edible crafts, but they’re just beautiful! Use a crimped cookie cutter to turn an ordinary slice of kiwi into a stunning wreath. The little red bow is just a strawberry! How cute are these? They’d look beautiful served on top of pancakes or set on top of a cupcake.

Four kiwi wreaths on a decorative white platter, surrounded by festive holiday decorations.

Frosty Yogurt Cups

Need a super simple craft you can make in just moments? This is it! You’ll need either yogurt or cottage cheese, a permanent marker, and some orange construction paper to add the snowman faces. This is such an easy, fun craft for a class party or even to spice up a little afternoon snack!

Three frosty yogurt cups on a wooden platter, with decorative snowflakes scatted on the platter.

Holiday Toast

Elevate your toast game with cookie cutters! If you don’t have a stash of seasonal cookie cutters, watch the after-Christmas sales and stock up. They’re so helpful, especially for making these fun Christmas lunch box ideas and more! 

To make your own edible Christmas ornaments, you can use a regular round cutter and a toothpick to add on a piece of cucumber to hold the hook! Once you cut the toast into the holiday shape, you can top it with either cream cheese or peanut butter, then your favorite toppings. This would be a fun way to serve breakfast, too!

5 different holiday toast ideas: an ornament, candy cane, gingerbread man, snowflake and Christmas tree.

Penguin Crackers

Aren’t these penguin crackers absolutely adorable? I love their little black olive wings and their carrot feet. These would make a fun appetizer for a Christmas party!

A birds-eye view of 6 penguin crackers on a round, circular plate.

Christmas Tree Fruit Platter

For this easy craft, you just need a piece of mozzarella, some raspberries, and pretzel sticks! The berries have such a festive color. You could even make this decoration on top of a pancake for a really festive breakfast!

A Christmas tree assembled with raspberries, pretzel sticks and topped with a star.

Christmas Pancakes

This Christmas, give your pancakes a little holiday spirit! You just need some yogurt, cream cheese, or peanut butter and your favorite fruits. You can even prep all the toppings and let the entire family decorate their own pancakes however they’d like!

3 decorative bagels featuring a snowman, a reindeer and a Christmas tree.

Apple Christmas Sandwiches

These apple sandwiches have an old-fashioned look that fits right in this time of year. They’re so simple to make, too! Just cut a shape out of the center of two apple slices, then sandwich them together with some nut butter. They almost look cute enough to hang on the Christmas tree!

Three apple slices with a stars and a gingerbread man cut out with cookie cutters.

Inspired by Healthy Christmas Snacks

More Edible Christmas Crafts for Kids

These easy Christmas crafts are just the start! We have many more delicious and healthy holiday treats on the blog, including these colorful options from some amazing bloggers and myself. They’re all perfectly sized for those little hands!

Your kids will have so much fun arranging fruit into fun shapes or dipping strawberries into chocolate. Some of these would make the perfect gifts, while others would be great to serve on Christmas Day!

  • Veggie Christmas Tree – Arrange cucumber slices in the form of Christmas tree, top with mini carrot stars and make a stem out of pretzels. Top with a mini bell pepper star!
  • Olive Penguins
  • Grinch Kabobs – The Blond Cook
  • Rudolph Sandwich – Get the full breakdown in this Christmas Lunch Box Ideas post!

Clearly, there are plenty of really fun snack ideas for the Christmas season that aren’t completely packed with sugar!

These great ideas are a wonderful way to make new memories together (while also encouraging your kids to eat some more fruits and veggies). They’re totally worth the effort!

Just be sure to save or pin this post because they’ll want to make these edible Christmas crafts every year! Happy Holidays!

Christmas food crafts

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