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Throw the best party ever with these healthy fruit Halloween snacks! These ideas are absolutely adorable and nutritious to boot!

Six healthy fruit halloween snacks in a collage.

Fruit Halloween Snacks for Kids

For many kids, Halloween is all about the candy. Since they end up with bags of it anyway, why not offer some healthy Halloween treats to help balance out the added sugar?

These Halloween fruit snacks are the perfect way to get in the Halloween spirit while adding in some extra nutrients too. Plus, they double as fun food crafts to make with the kids!

They’re perfect for school parties and add a creative (and spooky) spin to breakfast, snacks and school lunches!

Why We Love These Halloween Fruit Ideas

  • Low prep: No one has tons of time to whittle fruit into shapes or create elaborate displays. Fortunately, these Halloween fruit cup ideas require little to low effort, so they’re great for busy families! 
  • Easy to assemble: Whether you’re adding funny eyes to fruit skewers or drawing a face onto a cup of applesauce, these healthy Halloween fruit cup ideas come together fast!
  • Healthy treats: Fruit contains so many nutrients and vitamins for your child’s health, and they’re full of fiber to help balance out the sweet treats they’ll likely indulge in, too!

Halloween fruit snacks

Like it? Save these ideas for later!

10 Easy Halloween Treats with Fresh Fruit

Need some fruit for a Halloween party? Try these perfect healthy Halloween snacks to offer a side of fresh fruit to balance out all the candy this holiday season!

1. Banana Ghosts

These ghosts are more cute than scary, making them lots of fun for younger kids. You just need to peel a banana, carve the bottom, and then add candy eyeballs and a chocolate chip mouth. Easy!

Three banana ghosts on a plate with Halloween decorations.

2. Green Goblin Smoothie Bowl

The green color of this smoothie bowl gives a toxic waste/monster kind of feel. The more spinach you add, the greener the smoothie will be. Add some edible eyes for a spooky treat!

Get the recipe for this green smoothie here.

Green goblin smoothie bowl with Halloween decorations.

3. Halloween Fruit Kabobs

Skewer your favorite fresh fruits (we like to use black/blue and orange fruits) and stick candy eyes onto a berry with cream cheese or peanut butter!

Three Halloween fruit kabobs on a plate with Halloween decorations.

4. Jack O Lantern Applesauce Cups

These are such an easy Halloween snack idea because they require so little effort! Grab some carrot peach applesauce cups at the grocery store and draw on a face with a black Sharpie.

You can also use mandarin orange cups or another prepackaged fruit cup and add your favorite Halloween designs.

Four jack o lantern applesauce cups stacked on top of each other.

5. Frankenstein Kiwis

These Frankenstein kiwis look like they came right out of the laboratory! Make them yourself with kiwis, a pretzel stick, melted darkchocolate, and some white chocolate chips. You can even poke each head into a popsicle stick. So yummy!

Four Frankenstein kiwis on a plate with Halloween decorations.

6. Cantaloupe Jack-O-Lanterns

Use mini Halloween cookie cutters to make spooky shapes out of melon, like cantaloupe or honeydew melon. We like to use these stamp cookie cutters for extra detail! The great part is that it’s obvious what you’re making and the cookie cutters save you lots of work!

Cantaloupe pumpkins, apple monster and Halloween pasta salad in a lunch container.

7. Tangerine Pumpkins

These clementine pumpkins are one of the best ideas for a school snack because they require minimal effort but look so cute! Peel your mandarin orange, then add a green grape quartered lengthwise for the stem. You can also use a thin celery stick if you prefer.

Three tangerine pumpkins on a plate.

8. Frankenstein Grape Cups

These Halloween fruit cups are so easy! Just add some Googly eyes and draw on a silly monster face. Then, fill the cup with grapes or another sliced or cut fruit! The green grapes really play into the monster look.

Three Frankenstein grape cups with spiders.

9. Apple Monsters

You can also make a little DIY jack-o-lantern in any fruit by slicing a whole for the mouth and adding sunflower seeds for the teeth and a strawberry slice for the tongue. Doesn’t this green apple look cute? (Okay, maybe these ones are a little scary!) You can even dip them in this 4-ingredient peanut butter dip for extra protein!

Three apple monsters on a plate with Halloween decorations.

10. Minion Bananas

These adorable minion bananas only require googly eyes and a black permanent marker! They’re so easy you could even invite the kids to help for a fun craft.

Three minion bananas next to pumpkins.

More Healthy Halloween Snack Ideas

Need some more ideas to fill out your buffet table to make the best Halloween fruit tray? Consider adding these ideas to your list!

Caramel Apples

Cut apples into slices and offer a small cup of caramel sauce for sweetness and flavor. Or try these cute little caramel apple skewers!

Pumpkin Watermelon Fruit Bowl

Carve a watermelon like a jack-o-lantern and fill it with fruit salad!

Spider’s Web

Get a black board and a piping bag to make a web of whipped cream cheese or melted white chocolate. Dot the web with blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries, and add some plastic spider rings to complete the spider web.

Pepper Monsters

Use a sharp knife to carve green or red peppers into Frankenstein’s monster. Serve them with ranch dressing, pizza sauce, or your kids’ favorite dip!

Shrunken Heads

This one might be a bit too scary for little kids, but you can make baked stuffed tomatoes or peppers and carve a face into the side. These would be a great entree or appetizer for your next Halloween party!

Pretzel Spiders

Use pretzel sticks to create the “legs” for a strawberry spider. Add mini marshmallows or candy eyes to complete the look. These are such a delicious afternoon snack!

​Halloween Truffles

Roll your favorite batch of bliss balls, like these No-Bake Pumpkin Balls, in mini chocolate chips, orange and black sprinkles, or press them into a Halloween-themed silicone mold for a festive treat that’s perfect for Halloween parties!

These are some of our favorite bliss ball recipes!

Cheesestick Ghosts

Use a permanent marker to draw a ghost face on a bunch of cheese sticks for the perfect Halloween party snack!

Healthy Chocolate Cupcakes

Make a batch of these healthy mini chocolate cupcakes and top them with spider rings for a fun Halloween treat!

​Candy Corn Strawberries

Dip fresh strawberries into three different colors of melted white chocolate to make them look like candy corn. This is a great activity for kids, and they’re such a fun Halloween fruit platter idea!

A bunch of Halloween fruits snacks for kids.


  • If you’re on a time crunch: Choose really easy healthy Halloween recipes, like the tangerine pumpkins and applesauce cups, instead of more complicated projects.
  • Make it DIY: Your kids will have so much fun making their own fruit kabobs or making bananas look like Minions!
  • Focus on fruit first: Although we’ve included some easy healthy snacks that include chocolate and candy, fill out most of your snack bar with fruit-filled snacks first.
  • Mix sweet and savory snacks: Kids eat plenty of sweets this time of year! Add some savory snacks to balance things out. Bonus points for ones with protein!

More Fun Snack Ideas

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