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Make Valentine’s Day sweeter than ever with these easy Valentine’s breakfast ideas for kids! From savory egg dishes to sweet, fruity creations, you’ll find everything you need for a special breakfast your kids will always remember!

A collage of eight healthy valentine breakfast ideas for kids.

Valentine Breakfast Ideas for Kids

These easy breakfast ideas are proof that eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring at all! Your kids will absolutely love the bright, colorful and cute Valentine’s breakfast ideas listed below. They’re loaded up with lots of fresh fruit, filling whole grains, and protein to start their day off the right way.

Although it takes a few extra seconds to trim your pancakes, waffles, or toast with a heart cookie cutter, it makes every bite so much more fun and engaging. You’ll make lots of fun memories they’ll look back on for years to come!

Valentine Breakfast Ideas

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Why We Love These Cute Valentine’s Day Breakfast Ideas

  • Healthy start to the day: Valentine’s Day is normally one of the most indulgent holidays. That’s fine in moderation, but eating too much sugar and not enough nutrient-dense foods can send your kids into a tailspin when the sugar wears off. Start the day off right with plenty of protein, fresh fruit, and filling fiber. Your kids will feel much better throughout the day!
  • Easy to make: These fun ideas might look complicated, but they aren’t! Most of them use cookie cutters or molds to form simple ingredients into something new and exciting. You can make some of these Valentine’s Day treats in just a few seconds!
  • Cute and colorful: The goal is to make your healthy Valentine’s Day breakfast as exciting as possible to make sure your kids start the day off right. With lots of bright colors and fun heart-shaped items, your kids won’t be able to help but grab the fresh berries or applesauce hearts off their plates!

Valentines Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Whether you want a few simple breakfast ideas or you want to host a feast on Valentine’s Day morning, these recipes will be a hit with the whole family!

Heart Shaped Egg in a Nest

Feeding a crew? This delicious breakfast couldn’t get much easier! The egg in a nest is baked in the oven, so you can make enough for the whole family at the same time. The heart-shaped fruit is a bonus!

On the plate:

Granola Breakfast Cups

These granola breakfast cups are the perfect easy Valentine’s Day breakfast! Bake the granola cups a day or two before, then add some yogurt and fresh berries right before serving. Seriously cute!

Heart Shaped Peanut Butter and Jam Sandwiches

One incredibly easy Valentine’s breakfast for kids is to make their favorite sandwich, and then form it into a heart with a cookie cutter. This healthy PB&J is naturally sweetened with homemade chia jam. Perfect for strawberry banana lovers!

On the plate:

  • Whole grain bread cut into hearts with cookie cutter and topped with natural peanut butter and strawberry chia jam
  • Banana slices cut into mini hearts
  • Strawberry banana smoothie

Valentine’s Parfaits

A sweet little strawberry heart can turn any dish into a special treat. The homemade chia jam is the perfect way to get them to eat some extra fruit before they start their day.

On the plate:

  • Valentine’s Parfait: Layer up strawberry chia jam (or sub in diced strawberries) with Greek yogurt (plain or a low sugar flavored kind), granola, more yogurt and then top with a strawberry heart.

Heart Shaped Eggs

Aren’t these heart eggs so much fun? You just need a heart-shaped silicone mold or muffin tray and some whole eggs. This is the perfect recipe to serve up some extra protein on Valentine’s morning.

On the plate:

  • Heart shaped eggs
  • Piece of whole grain toast
  • Strawberries and blueberries in a small heart bowl

Heart Shaped Waffles

One of my favorite Valentine’s Day breakfast ideas is to serve waffles or pancakes formed into hearts. Aren’t the XOXO fruits adorable?

On the plate:

Valentine’s Overnight Oats

Instead of cutting your foods, use the heart-shaped cookie cutter to add an easy heart design to your overnight oats or yogurt with pomegranate seeds! 

On the plate:

  • Overnight oats: In a bowl, mix 1/2 cup rolled oats + 1 tablespoon chia seeds + 3/4 cup milk + 1/4 cup low sugar strawberry Greek yogurt + 1 tablespoon strawberry chia jam. Allow to sit in the fridge for at least 8 hours. Place a heart-shaped cookie cutter over the surface of the oats, and sprinkle pomegranate seeds into the cookie cutter until a heart shape is formed. Carefully remove the cookie cutter and serve.

You can use this idea with any type of overnight oats that you prefer! These banana overnight oats would also be delicious!

Love Bagel

This bagel is one of the easiest options on the list! You just need to add some mini hearts to make your go-to peanut butter bagel perfect for a special occasion. The frozen yogurt bites are a fun snack to make ahead, too. Keep them in your freezer for a fun treat any time!

On the plate:

  • Whole grain bagel spread with natural peanut butter
  • Banana slices and strawberries cut into little hearts with a small heart-shaped cookie cutter
  • Frozen yogurt bites – place low sugar strawberry Greek yogurt in a small heart shaped mold. Freeze until sold. Pop out of mold and serve!

Valentine’s Day Pancakes

Pancakes make any special morning extra special and these are no exception. You can even shape the pancake batter to make heart-shaped pancakes! Those little applesauce hearts look like gems, too. My kids grab those right away!

Heart Shaped French Toast

Use your favorite cookie cutter to cut your bread into hearts before battering and griddling it like normal. Such a fun twist on a classic! Use my special banana french toast recipe to keep it low sugar.

Heart French toast and heart fruit kabobs on a polka dot plate.

Heart Shaped Charcuterie Board

This heart shaped charcuterie board is everything you need for a Valentine’s Day feast! It’s made with heart-shaped sandwiches and a variety of fresh fruits, cheese, and snacks. It’s truly the perfect breakfast for any Valentine’s Day celebration!

Zucchini Frittata Muffins

For a more savory option, serve up these mini frittata muffins baked in a heart-shaped silicone mold. They have a delicious cheesy flavor and your kids will get some extra protein and veggies!

Other Healthy Valentine Breakfast Ideas

Want some more ideas for your fun Valentine’s Day breakfast? Try these delicious options!

Valentine’s Breakfast Tips

  • Keep it simple. You can easily turn simple ingredients or breakfast ideas into a Valentine’s Day treat by cutting them into hearts or adding a pop of red or pink. 
  • Involve the kids. Scroll through these recipes with the kids and see which easy recipes they want to try! They can even help make them. The more they get involved, the more likely it is that they’ll actually eat this special homemade breakfast.
  • Remember balance. I highly recommend keeping breakfast lower in sugar if possible since they’ll likely get some later in the day. If they love chocolate though, it’s okay to add some dark chocolate chips or some sweetened yogurt melts here and there. Let it be fun and special!

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